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Bark Zoo: Animal Sounds & Pics

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Best Animal sound and Animal education App for kids. Play animal sound, learn animal names and stories. Amazing animal sounds and pictures for toddlers and kids of any age. Educational and Entertaining. Guarantee you and your kids have a great time and leave a smile on your face!Was $1.99, now made free! Super value!Amazing creatures, awesome pictures and sound. A portable animal encyclopedia and zoo! You'll love the Panda, bear, Lion, Orca, Beluga, Hummingbirds, and colorful tropical fish. Enjoy the animal sounds and high quality pictures. Tell a story about these animals to your kids. Features: -Great selection of 64 creatures, a lots of sea creatures and birds-Great colorful pictures-Great animal sounds-Professionally recorded animal names-Educational and Entertaining-Swipe back and forth to see the next and previous creature and listen to the animal sound-Movable to SD cardAnimal game, animal zoo, learn animal sounds, learn animal habitat, toddlers kids zoo. Is there anything else more exciting than Animals and zoo for kids? Kids learn animals in an entertaining way. Kids has a great time learning while playing with the animal sounds.

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