BaroMemo free(Easy Quick Memo)


You can note quickly and easily at any time and at any where.Also, can store and send instantly~Key Features:A. Easy Run: Just Shake~! at any time.. On hold,In game,At work…and so on. And will run app.B. Various colors, Thickness, transparencyC. Eraser, Back and forward, easy to modify, etc.D. File transfer (Messenger,SMS,SNS..and so on)* Caution  In this case, ice cream sandwiches are captured perfectly.But gingerbread and its earlier versions are captured only user memo. (if loading image ,it is captured all image)E. keyboard letters and symbols support.F. adjustable Shake sensitivityG. Five kinds of graphics filters support.H. Load an external image (background, you can change the pictures)Advertising is included.If you do not like ads, Buy paid version.(To use the full functionality, version of ice cream sandwiches Android is recommended.)* TAG: Paint, Notepad, letter, send, file, fast, fast, immediately, store, capture, screenshot,hand writing,baro,memo,quick,memo,quick ,neon,effect,graphic,memo,drawing,draw,paint,painting,galaxy,note

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