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Feel free to e-mail me if you like to see improvements to the application.I got tired of the bartender apps in the marketplace that have not been updated in years and have so many undesired ads and intrusive permissions. Thus, I decided to create my own app.This app features searching by drinks, searching by a single ingredient, searching by what you have at home and favorites.My Bar screen is my favorite. I simply add everything I have at home; salt, soy sauce, vodka, rum, milk, orange juice, pineapple, etc and after I press the button it tell me what I can make with these.All drinks lets me search by drink name. Lets say I want a screwdriver or AMF, I just type it in and it auto fills the text for me. All four screens have an auto fill.If I want to search by a single ingredient, I just type it in and a list of drinks is displayed. The best thing is that I can always add the drinks to my favorites so I do not have to search the drink name again.I am always looking for ways to improve this application. If you have suggestions or have the application crash, I will do my best to get those resolved as quick as possible.icons were made by Glyphish and they can be found here:

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