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Know next BART train departure time from closest station in one click or less! This application replicates, on your device, content of real time (RT) platform departure signs from nearest BART (San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit) station. It uses BART web service for stations list and real time departure info. Active Internet connection is required for it to work properly, as well as location info. It tend to stay active and provide you with accurate info to your current location, don’t forget to explicitly stop it from displaying data (and draining your battery/data plan) when not needed. INSTALL:- Launch for the first time. Wait before list of stations is loaded into your device, once stations are read, application is ready for use.USE: – Launch App if not yet started. App will discover BART stations around (3 miles radius) and start displaying RT departures for closest station momentarily. – If App was active before, look for tray notification icon – next two actual departures (in both directions) are already part of notification text, click on it to bring more details (main App screen will pops up). – if you no longer want App to pool data about BART departures and track closest stations as you move, click "Stop Updates" button on main screen. MAINTAIN:- you don’t need to do anything here manually: if new stations are added you will see them on the next day, if connection is not available, App will wait for it to restore. The only thing you have to remember to do is to stop it from pooling data when you no longer interested in BART departures (make sure button on main App screen isn’t lit, no notification icon on the tray) , and, if you stopped it manually, you may need to enable pooling again using the same button.————————————————————In case you want to know more:App selects closest station based on your location automatically. If it didn’t happen (or selection is wrong) you can pick station manually by scrolling through the list of stations and selecting one by click/tap. It only displays closes stations to you, and, if no stations around 3 miles, then it displays all BART stations names in Bay Area to scroll through. Departures records from station’s overhead signs (all platforms) are shown one by one. Records (if more than one), rotate every 2 seconds.App performs background updates of RT departure for selected station every 1 minute, untill you stop it explicitly by clicking/tapping on "Stop Updates" button. A Notification sign is shown on your device’s notification tray if BARTrains is running in background. To stop it when not in use, make sure you click "Stop Updates" and button’s indicator no longer lit. Simple return from application’s main screen without stopping it is not enough to stop pooling network data/draining your battery. If you have stopped updates explicitly you may have to re-start updates by clicking the same button (now labeled "Start updates") again. You can stop/re-start updates if you need immediate refresh of information from BART server. Note that information only as accurate as publically available BART service provides. There is no guarantee of any kind. if you see something is not working please let us know and we try to fix it.

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