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SalesRapp gives companies full control over company data on mobile devices. The SalesRapp app is a perfect solution as the ‘digital sales, company- and/or product presentation portfolio’ away from the office. Get your SalesRapp app branded in your corporate design now!The SalesRapp together with the online SalesRapp manager platform allows a company total and complete flexibility and mobility during the sales process for its sales representatives in the field. The time consuming update process of data and presentation files TO the company’s mobile devices via USB, E-mail or even onsite-via-wire will be history. Arrange and style the company data like a presentation folder. Add custom thumbnails to the folders and files to create beautiful layouts. Get the app branded in corporate design and a unique download link in the app stores.Via the easy to use web interface all of the company’s mobile devices who have the SalesRapp app installed receive the latest files. Every individual installed SalesRapp app will communicate all over the world via WiFi or G3/G4 with the online SalesRapp manager. The SalesRapp manager will contain the latest versions of product- and presentations uploaded by a company designated SalesRapp webmaster.The SalesRapp app receives the latest presentation and products files from the web. This will happen near real-time so files can be send and updated even wile talking to customers in the field. The update process is fully automated. No technical skills and end user input are required.

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