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It is a colorful light used in the bathroom. ・The color of the light changes into seven colors every ten seconds, and beautiful light produces a fantastic space by the shake of the surface of the water. ・It is possible to enjoy it more effectively by throwing favorite music etc. at the same time. ・Please erase the lighting of the bathroom because it is not too large, and use the brightness of the backlight in the corner of the bathroom. ・Because it doesn't take part in the waterproof performance of the terminalWhether the terminal can be used in the bathroom depends on the specification of the terminal. Moreover, I think that you should avoid going under water though it depends on the model. ・There are no detailed setting etc. at all. It only starts. - The function being offered by an application program here is only "The color of all screens changes every ten seconds. "Confirming the operationTOSHIBA T01-C

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