Battery Clock Live Wallpaper


Steampunk Cogs Live Wallpaper: This is a live wallpaper that has a digital clock and battery stats.***PORTRAIT ONLY*** ***PHONES ONLY******NOT FOR TABLETS UNLESS THEY USE PORTRAIT***Steampunk cogs lwp, this is a live wallpaper that has a digital clock and shows you your battery stats.Two in one.battery live wallpaperclock live wallpaperall rolled into one.It has two rotating gears in the centre.This started off as a steampunk gears idea but wound up becoming more industrial in the end with a steampunk feel to it.Just the way the artwork I created wound up in the end which happens sometimes through the changes I make.I wanted to create a live wallpaper that had a digital clock but more importantly one that shows the battery stats of the phone.With such little animation on this one it should be easier on the battery usage and cpu.You also can set the fps to suit your needs, the faster (or more fps) the smoother the animation, but greater battery and cpu usage.This one is for those who like to see the battery stats without using a battery widget or a digital clock widget.Battery stats available:Battery LevelBattery TemperatureBattery StatusBattery HealthI added the dateI also added a red light warning, if your battery level gets 30% or lower a red light will come on in the centre to let you know to recharge your phoneThis is not a movie! You have you choice in the following:? FPS setting? Colour of time, level and temperature changer? Celsius or Fahrenheit choice for temperatureAll artwork is hand craftedIf you have any issues or ideas feel free to email me or leave a message on the developers website.

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