Battery Saver eXtreme Lite


Save your battery juice, A complete battery optimizing saver that make use of all the battery saving settings in Android!★ Features ★:★ Android Feature Optimizer: Intelligent optimizing of Android features like Data connection, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. Significant amount of battery charge can be saved by turning Off features when they are not in use.☆ E.g: Internet will be turned Off when screen is Off after a ‘Wait Interval’. And will be turned On every ‘Synchronizing Interval’ to retrieve all kind of internet updates (Emails, Downloads, Facebook updates, Chats, Whatsapp messages, Local app downloads, app updates etc.), And also when screen is turned On internet will be quickly turned On.Wait Interval: The interval after which internet will be turned Off when screen is locked.Synchronization interval: The interval between each internet synchronization. Separate Synchronization interval for night and day.★ Screen Brightness Optimizer: Optimizes the screen brightness. Separate brightness scheme for day and night.★ Background Task Freeze: Freeze battery eating background tasks. (PRO)★ Day and Night schemes.★ Full charge alarm. (PRO)★ Low charge alarm. (PRO)This is lite version with Ads.by8japps

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