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This is a widget that a lovely bear that did Cosplay teaches the battery level. The battery level is taught with 0-100%. When the battery level changes, the bear changes clothes. A lovely healing to the home screen please. [Start method]1.In the home screen, it is a long push as for the screen. 2.Because the menu panel is displayed, "Widget" is selected. 3."BatteryBear" is selected from the list of the widget. [Function explanation]* This is a free version. A part of function cannot be used. And, The advertisement is displayed. - When the bear is done in the tap, a set screen is displayed. Speech Balloon and the background in which the battery level is displayed as the bear can be selected. - Bears are occasionally fretful, laugh, and sleep. When the bear is done in the tap fretful and a set screen is opened, milk is displayed. The bear can raise milk by doing the milk in the tap. - Tap the closet image, go to the Select clothes mode. Favorite clothes can be chosen to be clothes displayed at random on the clothes selection screen. * The ALL selection: All clothes display it at random. * One is selection: Only one clothes are displayed. * Two or more selections: It displays it at random from among two or more selected clothes. - When the note that displays the battery level on a set screen is done in the tap, the bear gives battery information. 1. Battery level 2. State of charge 3. State of battery 4. Voltage 5. Temperature - There is the one that it is not possible to refer according to the model, too. - The battery is not consumed for screen OFF because it stops. - The level of the change in facial expression and animation can be changed. * level(2): The frequency of the change in facial expression is high. * level(1): The frequency of the change in facial expression is low. * level(off): The change in facial expression is none.- When you tap the top left corner bears the setting screen, the bear reacted.Touch too much, please be careful because bear cry:D*** INTERNET_ACCESS and PHONE_STATE for Ads. ***

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