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You are Squire Mac, a courageous young citizen of Orchardia, where fresh fruits and vegetables live happy, carefree lives. Now, a dark threat looms over the peaceful land: the underground-dwelling Wormwits have awoken Nephridus, an ancient malevolent spirit bent on turning all of Orchardia's citizens into Rotlings, evil (and smelly) rotten fruit. Freed from his amber prison, he has vowed to destroy the Tree of Harmony and all of Orchardia.Heed the call to war! Rally your fellow citizens in Battle Harvest, bringing brigades of fruits and vegetables together by matching three or more. Make enough good matches and summon mighty Heroes with powerful special moves to change the tide of battle. Beat back the rising onslaught of Wormwits across three beautifully illustrated realms of Orchardia and stop the return of Nephridus on your quest for glory!With an epic story, a colorful cast of heroes and villains and three different modes of gameplay, Battle Harvest puts the fate of Orchardia in your hands. Liberate the realms of Orchardia in Story Mode, take on a never-ending assault of enemies in Invasion Mode and solve strategic combination puzzles in Recruit Mode! Will you defeat the Wormwits and save your homeland, or will Nephridus and his squirmy minions succeed? The future is rotten without your help!

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