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三国志BATTLE LINES [基本無料戦国カードゲーム]

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☆★【2013年3月11日】遂にAndroidに登場!!★☆☆★☆-今だけ!!オープン記念プレゼント中-☆★☆\vノ ┏╋━┓・肉まん&老酒を2個ずつ♪┣╋━┫・挨拶ptをガチャ10回分♪┗┻━┛・レア武将以上が手に入る銀印1個♪☆★☆-------登録不要!!無料で配信-------☆★☆---------------------------------------------- 三国志BATTLE LINES(三国志バトルラインズ)の紹介 ---------------------------------------------- ■超本格!!三国志カードバトルオンラインRPG!! ┗有名武将たちと共に、この乱世に名を刻め!!■超美麗カードを続々追加中!! ┗500種類以上の武将カードが登場!!■強化×進化で武将が成長!! ┗お気に入りの武将を、三国無双に育てあげろ!!■武将カードの組み合わせで、連携奥義が発動!! ┗戦略的な部隊編成と計略が勝敗のカギを握る!!■新感覚コマンド選択システムを採用!! ┗リアルタイムに連続攻撃を繰り出し、敵軍に大ダメージ!!■史実に合わせたイベント開催!! ┗三国志の世界感を味わいながらのオンラインプレイ!!■超強力な敵武将と、いきなりの遭遇!! ┗協力バトルで撃破し、豪華報酬を手に入れろ!!■同盟の仲間と協力し、大合戦を勝ち抜け!!┗他同盟と白熱のリアルタイムバトル!!---------------------------------------------- 三国志BATTLE LINES(三国志バトルラインズ)の登場武将 ---------------------------------------------- 魏・呉・蜀の有名武将カードたちはもちろん、 個性豊かな群雄カードたちも多数登場する“三国志BL” その中の、ほんの一部をご紹介!!■魏 ┗曹操・夏侯惇・夏侯淵・曹丕・甄氏・司馬懿・張遼など■呉 ┗孫堅・孫策・孫権・周瑜・陸遜・甘寧・孫尚香など■蜀 ┗劉備・関羽・張飛・諸葛亮・黄月英・趙雲・馬超など■群雄 ┗呂布・貂蝉・袁紹・董卓・皇甫嵩・公孫瓚など★戦場を彩る、華やかな女性武将もどんどん登場中!!┗大喬・小喬・練師・蔡文姫・王元姫・王異・鮑三娘など三国志の世界を舞台に、仲間とリアルタイムに協力し白熱のオンラインバトルを勝ち抜こう!!劉備・曹操・孫権ら、超有名武将たちと一緒に、 天下の全てを、その手につかみとれ!!☆ ★ Android finally appeared in the March 11, 2013 []!! ★ ☆☆ ★ ☆ -!! Can get now only open Memorial - ☆ ★ ☆\ V ノ┏ ╋ ━ ┓ · ♪ by two Roshu & 肉まん┣ ╋ ━ ┫ · ♪ Gacha 10 times the pt greeting┗ ┻ ━ ┛ · ♪ one silver mark rare you get a more than warlords☆ ★ ☆ ------- ------- registration-free delivery! ☆ ★ ☆ free----------------------------------------------BATTLE LINES introduction of the Three Kingdoms (Kingdoms Battle Lines)----------------------------------------------■ Ultra-authentic! Card Battle Three Kingdoms Online RPG!┗ along with the famous warlords, Kizameru a name to this troublous times!■ While we continue to add super beautiful card!┗ card warlords appeared more than 500!■ growth in the evolution × strengthening warlords!┗ raise the Warriors three countries, the military commander of favorites!■ The combination of card warlords, invoked a mystery cooperation!┗ organization and stratagem strategic forces is the key to victory or defeat!■ Use the new selection system command sense!┗ feed the continuous attacks in real time, great damage to the enemy!■ held in accordance with the historical event!┗ online play while enjoying the feeling of the world of the Three Kingdoms!■ enemy warlords and super strong, suddenly encountered!┗ cooperation to defeat in battle, to get compensation gorgeous!■ cooperate with colleagues of the alliance, won the big battle!Alliances and other real-time battle ┗ incandescent!----------------------------------------------Warlords Three Kingdoms appeared BATTLE LINES (Battle Lines Three Kingdoms)----------------------------------------------Of course, our famous card warlords Wu Shu-Wei,"BL Romance of the Three Kingdoms" have also appeared in numerous distinctive GN cardIntroduction of them, just some!■ Wei┗ such as Zhang Liao, Sima Yi 甄氏 曹丕-yeon, Atsushi Hou Hou summer summer Cao■ WuIt should be noted, such as incense sweet grandson ┗ Ning Zhou Yu-Herikuda land rights, policy-grandson, grandson grandson Ken■ 蜀┗ Kingdom, such as the super horse Choun Kitsuki Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei■ GNSuch as Casa ┗ 瓚 Koson-Fu Huang Dong Zhuo, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao★ appeared in more and more colors the battlefield, but also warlords gorgeous woman!Such as abalone, three different ┗ daughter Wang Yuan Wang Princess Hime 蔡文 nurses training Takashi Takashi large and smallSet in the world of the Three Kingdoms, in cooperation with colleagues in real timeLet's win the Battle of glowing online!Together from Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and the super famous warlords,Grabs his hand, all of the world!

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