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Bau Cua Ca, also known as Bau Cua Ca Cop or Bau Cua Ca Tom, is a Traditional Asian Dice Game played all over Asia. Although there may be many different variations of this game, the game’s functionality is all the same.The game is played with a board and three dices. The board has six figures: a deer, calabash gourd, a rooster, a fish, a crab, and a prawn that matches the dice faces.To play:1.Players begin with $100 worth of credits. Players place wagers on the board, betting which figures will appear once the dices have been rolled. Players may place bets on all six figures if he/she chooses to.2.Players press the “Roll Dice” button to begin rolling the 3 dices.3.Once the rolls are finished, players are paid out 1x the wagers placed on every matched figure.4.Rack up more credits to unlock bonus chips with higher value and win BIG!This version of Bau Cua Ca gets you:-Undo Bet Button: to be remove last placed bet-Hidden Chip values ($100, $500, $1000, $5000)-Ads Free-Chances to win big awards and prizesVisit and like us @ for random drawings and awards.

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