BComposer Rhythm


¡Play and learn to compose!BComposer Rhythm is the first free and funny app that teaches you to compose musical rhythms with any musical instrument or style you’re interested in learning, even if you dont know nothing about music theory, even the kids can learn the music fundamental. If you keep practicing with this app you can convert on a great compositor without need of teachers. With this app you cant make any mistakes! download and start to enjoy composing musical rhythms.Dont forget to rate the app.© Rhythm BComposer teaches you:* Compose rhythms with musical notes and their duration* The fundamentals of music theory playing, at difference with another longest systems and not so easy to learn with traditional methods.* BComposer help the users to master the technicalities of music theory very easy way.* Encourages creativity and live improvisation.* The app train your brain to know how to create rhythms, to know the value of each note musical and internalize what a compass and its division.If you like this app, please give it a positive review!we are keep updating the app with new features and cool tools.Features:metronomePlayStopZoom in and zoom outLoopAvailable languages​​:* English* SpanishWebsite:* www.onemanbandstudios.comTwitter:* @OnemanbandstudiosAll features, trademarks and copyrights are property of:One Man Band S.A.S Studios ©

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