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Update: Vanity Mirror now also for men!…Vanity Mirror is the best app for facial beauty analysis.It doesn’t just give you a face score, it gives you beauty tips based on your facial features. Also hair and makeup tips.Unlike the Ugly Meter, this app does not demean but empowers.CELEBSVANITY MIRROR shows you how you compare to celebrities. For instance, if your eye spacing is 45.56%, VANITY MIRROR will let you know that you are similar to Mila Kunis (45.98%).And speaking of celebs, why not browse VANITY MIRROR’s database of models and actresses? Think all A-listers have perfect features? Think again!MAKEUP TIPSVanity Mirror provides makeup tips based on your facial characteristics.OTHER FEATURESOther features include the ability to analyze existing photos, to switch between back and front-facing cameras, and to share screenshots through Facebook, GMail, Flickr, etc.SCIENCEBeauty is based on four critical categories:1) Distance between eyes2) Distance between eyes and mouth3) Eye evenness4) SymmetryUniversity studies have determined the ideal proportions for each of these categories [1]. The ideal distance between the eyes is 46% of the face’s width, the ideal eye-mouth distance is 36% of the face’s length, etc.[1] Link to the UCSD study:

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