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The Beck’s Key is your gateway to the Green Box Project, a global fund established by Beck's to inspire, support and showcase independent talent.This app allows you to experience augmented-reality based art installations housed in several Green Boxes around the world.It also brings you exclusive content about each art piece and lets you submit your own project.--- THE GREEN BOX PROJECTOver the next three years, Beck’s, through The Green Box Project, will fund and showcase 1,000 projects by individuals with unique creative vision within the areas of music, art, design and fashion.To kick-off the project, 30 Green Boxes holding exclusive virtual pieces by renowned artists will be released in the US, UK and Italy.---SUBMISSIONSAnyone with a unique vision or idea can submit a proposal. Submissions will be judged by the Green Box Project Board, formed by artists Karen O, Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel. Submissions are welcome from July 4 until September 30 2011 and the first wave of selected Green Box Projects will be released from March 2012.

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