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★ Use just ONE coupon and you'll save more than the price of the app!! ★Visiting Japan, love craft beer, and hate roaming charges? The BIJ app gives OFFLINE access - no WIFI or 3G required - to Beer in Japan's selection of Japan's top craft beer venues, including directions and opening hours. And it includes discount coupons to save your money! ★ Featured in Beer Advocate magazine, Dec 2010★ Featured on talkcast★ Featured on CNN GO★ Featured by Charlie Papazian on"Saving tourists from generic beer!"Listings in the app:★ Tokyo's Best: Popeye, Ushi Tora, The Aldgate, Dry Dock, The Cat & Cask, Baird Nakameguro Taproom, plus Tanakaya (the liquor store with the largest range of craft beer in Japan)★ Tokyo Extended: Area guides to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Roppongi, and East Tokyo with 20+ more listings★ Yokohama: Cheers, Pivo, Yokohama Brewery, Craft Beer Bar, Century Break★ Osaka: Beer Belly and Beer Belly Edobori★ Nagoya: Keg and Moku Moku★ Kyoto: Tadg★ Sapporo: MugishuteiDiscount coupons for:★ The Aldgate, Shibuya★ Bamboo, Shinjukugyoenmae★ Beer Saurus, Ikebukuro★ Vivo, Ikebukuro★ Roti, Roppongi★ Popeye, Ryogoku★ Tadg, Kyoto★ Mugishutei, Sapporo Use just ONE coupon and you'll save more than the price of the app - and most coupons can be used on every visit, so you'll continue to save money. To use a coupon, just open the coupon in the app and show it to the bar when you order.All listings include:★ Information about the bar★ Clear written detailed directions from the closest subway or train station★ Opening hours★ Info on whether free WIFI is provided (use WIFI for free in some bars)★ Smoking or non-smoking★ Website link and contact phone number★ Twitter links where availableSMALL SCREEN SUPPORT: Beer in Japan was never designed for small 240x320 screen phones such as the X10 Mini Pro. To run on a smaller screen, images have been scaled down and a little bit more scrolling is required. It's not ideal, but at least you can use the app and coupons! Other phones are not affected (320x480+).IMPORTANT: NO BARS have paid money to be included in this guide. This is not paid advertorial masquerading as a guide. I buy my own drinks at the bars I go to and I pay for my own travel across Japan. The decision of a bar to offer or not offer a discount coupon did not influence the inclusion of the bar in the application - all listings were written prior to approaching bars. Beer in Japan is not a business - it's a guide written by a craft beer lover in Japan who wants to spread the word about great beer in Japan. The application does not include all bars listed on the Beer in Japan website - that would be impossible since most of the bars listed on the Beer in Japan website are simply links to the bars own websites, which wouldn't work offline. Instead, this application takes you to the best of Japan's craft beer bars.If you live in Japan and have 3G access, you can use the Beer in Japan website free at - there's even a mobile optimised version of the website. The website has lots of links to other bars. This app keeps the best bars in your pocket.If you want to find out more about the craft beer scene in Japan, consider following my twitter: @beerinjapan"There's more to Japanese beer than Superdry"★ ニューバージョン!8つのクーポンがあります。 ★ 1つのクーポンだけでも、このアプリ分は元がとれちゃいます。そしてほとんどのクーポンがいつでも使用可能です! ビールイン日本 - 東京&横浜で一番の地ビールバー!そして大阪、京都、名古屋、札幌もあります。 アサヒ、キリンビールから卒業しましょう!そして日本の地ビールを楽しみましょう! このアプリケーションは””のサイトでお勧めする日本の地ビールバーを紹介しています。お店の詳細、地図も載っています。 このコンテンツはWi-Fiおよび3Gが必要ありません。 もともとこれは日本への旅行者に向けて作成したものです。したがって、全文英語となっています。でも、英語がわからなくてもクーポンは利用できるので、お得で-す。クーポンの使えるお店: ★ The Aldgate, 渋谷 ★ Bamboo, 新宿御苑前 ★ Beer Saurus, 池袋 ★ Vivo, 池袋 ★ Ant 'n Bee, 六本木 ★ Roti, 六本木 ★ Popeye, 両国 ★ Tadg, 京都 ★ Mugishutei, 札幌 1つのクーポンだけでも、このアプリ分は元がとれちゃいます。そしてほとんどのクーポンがいつでも使用可能です! 使い方は簡単!アプリからクーポンを開いて、注文の際に見せるだけです。

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