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Behavior Status is aimed at Parents and Teachers alike. Use it to record the daily behavior of your child or an entire classroom. Behavior Status is easily recoded using the simple Green/Yellow/Red stoplight mechanism currently employed by many schools, daycares and parents alike. Great for use in teaching kids with Autism or ADD/ADHD. The app also lets you view behavior changes over time on a child by child basis using the color coded calendar view. Use this history information to help encourage good behavior with simple rewards. Recent updates added the ability to store notes as you make status changes and better support for teachers.Free Version Features:- Track Overall Behavior- Basic Status Input Red/Yellow/Green- Alternate Status Input which supports up to 5 colors.- Record Notes throughout the day- Neutral Status- Email Status Reports- Easily correct past days- Group Children by Class- Easy Add/Edit Child, Classes, etc- Sort Problem Kids to the Top- 24 Hour Time Option- Home Screen Widget- Checking for new blog posts on Specific Behavior Tracking- Enable Specific Behavior Tracking by Child- Add/Edit/Delete Specific Behaviors by Child- Copy Specific Behaviors from one child to another- Stats and GraphingFeatures enabled by Donate Version:- Disable AdsKW: behavior status, behavior tracking, behavior, autism, add, adhd, odd

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