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'Cyrillic keyboard on demand' is touch keyboard with priority set to performance and simplicity. Keyboard require little memory space, have no spell checking therefore multilingual and reliable. Added all LATIN accent, Greek diacriticals and Cyrillic Belarusian/Russian/Ukrainian symbols with fast switch between layouts. 'Cyrillic keyboard on demand' is fully customizable, any new features and layouts requested, please email.Keyboard layouts:Cyrillic Belarusian/Ukrainian/Russian (BE/UK/RU) [German QUERTZ/Y (DE) [with äöü]][Lithuanian QUERTY/Z (LT)]*[Greek EL with άέήίόύώΐΰϊϋ] *[] optional!* - disabled by default!Any optional layouts can be disabled/enabled via activating/deactivating option "Disable XX layout", here XX - optional layout id, like DE. Ideal for fast switching between layouts, switch between layouts using swipe left/right or click "BE/UK/DE/LT/EL" button.After LONG KEY PRESS or repeatable press the appropriate key of BE/UK/RU layout keyboard showed all Belarussian/Ukrainian/Russian characters:Г: ґ І: ï ы (BE/UK only)Ы: і ï (RU only)*У: ўЭ: є (RU/BE only)*Є: э (UK only)**RU layout activated with option "RU instead of BE"*UK layout activated with both options "RU instead of BE"and "UK instead of RU".After LONG KEY PRESS the appropriate key of DE layout keyboard showed ALL accent LATIN characters (Icelandic, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish,Romanian,Italic,Scandinavian...) A: ą ä à á â ă æ ǽ ã å ǻ āC: č ç ć ċ ĉD: ď đ ðE: ę ė ë è é ê ě ēG: ġ ĝ ğ ģH: ĥ ħI į ı ì í î ï ĩ ī ijJ: ĵK: ĸ ķL: ł ĺ ŀ ľ ļN: ñ ń ň ņ ʼn ŋO: ö ø ǿ œ õ ò ó ő ô ōR: ŕ ř ŗS: ß § ś ŝ š ş șR: ŕ ř ŗT: ť ţ ț þ ŧU: ü ų ū ũ ù ú ű ŭ û ůW: ŵY: ý ŷ ÿZ: ž ź żAfter LONG KEY PRESS the appropriate key of LT layout keyboard showed Lithuanian accent characters:A: ąC: čE: ė ęI: įS: šU: ū ųZ: žˇ: š č žAfter LONG KEY PRESS the appropriate key of EL layout keyboard showed Greek diacriticals characters:Α: άΕ: έΗ: ήΙ: ί ΐ ϊΟ: όΥ: ύ ΰ ϋΩ: ώ´: ά έ ή ί ό ύ ώ΅: ΐ ΰ¨: ϊ ϋ Compact layout option can be activated for portrait/landscape independently, for this option every key have 2 letters,therefore key are bigger, usefull for small monitors, turned on by default for portrait layout. Pop-up of compact layout have second letter, therefore is possible have big second letter after long press. Also all accent letters showed for both compact layout key letters together. For exampleDE layout key "AS" have pop-up of A and S and letter S:ą ä à á â ă æ ǽ ã å ǻ ā s ß § ś ŝ š ş ș Other options: 'Next layout label': if option deactivated showed current layout label BE/DE/LT/ELotherwise showed label of next layout after button click DE/LT/EL/BE'5 rows mode': if compact mode deactivated, this mode activation gives 5 rows for BE/RU layout, i.e. one letter per key.Therefore, additionally possible TAB,@ and ":-)" key (smiles).'Extended mode' for RU/UK/BE:12 key per row, no more 2 letters per key'5 rows mode' and 'Extended mode' can be disabled for landscape or portrait orientation separately with deactivation of 'Enable 5 rows mode' and 'Enable extended mode' options

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