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Our groundbreaking beOrganized Calendar and Tasks lets you easily arrange and re-arrange your day using an intuitive agenda view. •Quickly add tasks and events using the speech recognition•Events and to-do’s on one, easy-to-view list•Every action completed with a minimum number of taps. •Full sync with Google Calendar (TM) and Google Tasks. ** To avoid any bad experience with our app, before purchasing the full version please try the free version **beOrganized provides:•Voice-to-task widget•Full sync with Google tasks •Both local and Google sync modes•Quickly add tasks and events with speech recognition•Elegant agenda widgets•Every action completed with a minimum number of taps. •Add items directly on the selected day•Move tasks to other days with just 2 taps.•Multiple, color coded calendars•Events and to-do’s on one, easy-to-view list•Options: Show/hide completed tasks•Options: Select default calendar•Options: Alternative time and date formats•Arranging and re-arranging your day made simple and intuitive.Tags: calendar, tasks, agenda, business calendar, Google Calendar (TM), Google Tasks, CalenGoo (TM), Pocket Informant (TM), Jorte (TM), calendar pro, agenda widget, calendar widgetAll trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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