Bestdem is an application which allows you in a friendly way to browse multiple sites with entertaining graphics, movies, animations, stories, texts, lols, memes etc. The application has been designed for mobile phones so that never again will have to use a web browser on your phone for viewing portals.The application lets you view the home page, waiting room and top of each of the portals. Allows grouping of sites due to the most frequently visited and favorite. If you are not visiting any of the sites you can also hide it. Through gestures and many other options you can customize the application to suit your needs.You like the picture and you want to share it with friends on Facebook or send it as an MMS? Now it’s no problem – just hold your finger on the selected image and select the corresponding your operation. Of course, recording on SD is also available.You can contact me by sending me email: byq.develop@gmail.comAll memes, memebase, failblog, icanhascheezburger, the daily what, 9gag and a lot more on on your phone wherever you are!

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