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DeveloperHigh Velocity IT Inc.
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If you like this app, please leave a good review to keep this app alive! don’t just send me an email that say you like it.- White/Light theme now available!- Google SyncAny change is instantly synced with your google account- Mass Update TasksDo you ever need to reorganize your tasks? Hate doing it one-by-one? Just select a bunch of tasks and move it to a list, due date, priority etc.- Sort OrderMost apps only allow you to sort on 1 attribute. BHive allows you to sort on priority first, then due date, then name etc.- RemindersConfigure a different ringtone/vibrate pattern based on task priority.- Repeating TasksA must-have for any todo app. With recurring options as powerful as Google Calendar and MS Outlook.- Undo unwanted changesRather than prompting you with annoyning confirmation dialogues, BHive allows you to undo any operation.

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