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Total 1,000,000 downloads, the greatest HUD app of all!HUDY has been renewed with the powerful functions.# Notice #This app is optimized for over 2.2 firmware version of Android phone.Please update your device firmware version.HUDY is the indicating speed with GPS and provides Zero-100 function and ECO drive feature.The HUD system like on the luxury sedan,Measuring your lap time to 100 mile/h or km/h by Zero-100,And saving gas with ECO Drive.All of the above things are in the HUDY app.============================================HUDY is the application that shows the speed with using GPS.This application shows the vehicle speed on your windshield by reflecting the phone.The correct speed, the best visibility and various additional information are prepared for your safety.#. How to use -Touch the screen: HUD Mode -Menu Button: HUDY options1. HUDY basic features - GPS Speedometer: Displays speed (km/h or mph) - Time: Displays the current time - Direction: Displays the current vehicle’s direction - Color: Orange Color Available (primary colors)2. Additional features HUDY - Color: blue, pink, white, green, yellow colors available (add 5 kinds) - Telephone reception function: Receives incoming call by the speakerphone on automatic connection (configurable) - Text-message feature: Displays text-message on screen automatically (configurable)3. Notes - HUDY is using GPS satellite information received by the sensor. It doesn’t work where it cannot receive GPS information. - Even if you are in outdoors, you cannot use this in the fringe area like tunnels, between skyscrapers, etc. - Weather information can be received by using Wifi or 3G. Additional charges will be incurred when using this function. - GPS speedometer and dashboard speed of the vehicle may differ slightly.5. Tips! - The tinted glass or film of vehicle can prevent the double vision phenomena.You can also attach transparent reflective film of phone screen size to get a clear image. - You had better put the non-slip pads to keep the phone still.#. bug / Q&A-Email: @broadcon-Facebook:

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