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Scorekeeper application designed for use in National Bible Bowl Bible quiz games.The interface is designed to correspond with the flow of a Bible Bowl game, and provides for quickest possible entry. Say goodbye to binders and paper and pencils.An on-screen game timer is part of the application. The application also saves score sheets (with statistics) to your device's external storage for archival and printing from a spreadsheet application (not provided).The Game Setup screen (screenshot 1 below) allows the user to enter a team name, the names of up to 4 players on the team, the name of the opponent, and whether this will be a Round Robin game (15 questions in 14 minutes) or a Double Elimination game (20 questions in 2 10-minute halves).The team name and player names are saved, and loaded automatically when a new game is started. They may also be edited before each new game.The duration of the game timer is based on the game type selected (Round Robin or Double Elimination). It features a Start/Stop button for easy time stoppage during a game.The game screen (screenshot 2 below) features both teams' scores at the top along with the number of the current Tossup. There are buttons for tossup correct ("10") and tossup incorrect ("X") next to each player. Below the tossup buttons, the user may select the amount the bonus is worth (this can also be left blank), and the amount the team earned on the bonus.The "Prev Tossup" and "Next Tossup" can be used to navigate to a new tossup/bonus, or to revisit previously entered tossups/bonuses. Corrections may be made at any time, and the score will be automatically updated to reflect corrections.Press "New Game" at the completion of a game to begin another (the app will return to the Game Setup screen). When "New Game" is pressed, the score sheet is saved to a folder called "BibleBowlScores" (on SD card in device, or other).Improvements and more features are planned for this app in the future. Contact the developer with any questions, bugs, or suggestions for improvement.This application is not directly approved by or affiliated with National Bible Bowl but was developed by a Bible Bowl coach who is also a former player.This app has only been tested on the HTC Evo and Samsung Nexus S.

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