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Display and view your Evernote notes on an information board. Save time and productivity by reviewing all your notes easily on screen at the same time. Rearrange and organise your notes into one big note which can then be exported and shared. This version of the app supports 1 image resource, it does not support other resources such as PDF or audio files. For example a tech writer goes to a gadget convention show and takes a set of notes using Evernote, on all the new gadgets on display. At the end of the day instead of reviewing each note individually, all the notes are displayed on an information board. Notes are arranged with the most important gadgets at the top of the board. A snapshot is taken of the whole board which is then emailed to their editor to choose which gadgets are published.Key Features:-Import multiple notebooks from EvernoteDisplay notes in plain textDisplay image and textArrange order of notes Option to display note’s titleOption to display note’s date in a variety of formatResize note widthsChange the text colourChange the note border colourSet the number of notes to be displayedExport board as imageNavigate around board by panning and pinch zoom.This application is built using the Evernote service and requires an Evernote account. Limitation:Notes board is restricted to a maximum 49 notes in a notebook. Each note displays a limit of 1000 characters per note, however there is an option to disable this and show the whole text. The amount of notes displayed on the information board is limited to the device, more powerful devices can handle more data. If information board is slow and unresponsive then there is too much data on display, you can reorganise your notebook to contain less notes.

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