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Are you hosting a trivia party and need a way to determine who buzzes in first? Turn your phone/tablet into a wireless big red buzzer controller to create a gameshow buzzing environment that operates stand alone or with your computer! Up to 20 players when used with FREE PickMe!Play app for both PC and Mac computers.BigRedBuzzer is a Wi-Fi based wireless buzzer controller that allows your phone/tablet to host a game (up to 4 players) or communicate with our PickMe!Play laptop/desktop software (Mac or PC) that can be downloaded at for FREE. Our PickMe!Play laptop/desktop software allows the phone/tablets to communicate with any type of gameshow buzzer software on the laptop/desktop that accepts keyboard inputs. A trial version of Game Show Presenter can be downloaded to test with our buzzer app. As long as your phone/tablet and the laptop/desktop computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you will be able to wirelessly send a buzzer response to your favorite gameshow laptop/desktop application.Great for classroom, training, and trivia environments by enabling your tablet to become a wireless buzzer controller to make learning fun. FEATURES: - Can function as a standalone wireless buzzer system (up to 4 players)- A person can attempt to buzz-in via a Wi-Fi connection using this app with PickMe!Play software - Allows phone/tablet to communicate with laptop/desktop apps via the PickMe!Play softwareHOW IT WORKS (All devices must be on same Wi-Fi network): 1) Get the BigRedBuzzer app for your Android phone/tablet2) Download the PickMe!Play Desktop Application from (PC and Mac available) and start the PickMe!Play application.3) Start the BigRedBuzzer App on your phone/tablet and select the PickMe!Play option from the menu.4) Select a player number to buzz-in. If moderator, select the moderator option to reset the PC/Mac app if that option is available.5) The PickMe!Play application will indicate when the BigRedBuzzer app has connected from each phone/tablet.6) You will know if you successfully connected to the PickMe!Play app if you here a buzzer sound when you press your number.7) Be sure to follow us on Twitter @pickmeplay so you know when we release more FREE appsHave fun with the BigRedBuzzer app!

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