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The Bike Hub journey planner app finds quickest or quietest cycle routes.AS SEEN ON:,, The Register,,, and*****A car satnav uses roads only, the Bike Hub cycle satnav uses roads *and* cycle paths, including Sustrans routes. Bike Hub app also uses bike-friendly cut-throughs and short-cuts.*****"Discovered new, pleasant & direct routes that are right on my doorstep!" @KarlonSea"I thought the fastest way to work was 18:40 minutes but after 2 years doing various different routes, you showed me a path and a couple of shortcuts that have reduced it to 16:50! Gob smacked!" Andrew Norton, by email****TURN-BY-TURNApp features true turn-by-turn navigation, with voice instructions and vibrating alerts. BICYCLE NAVIGATIONThe cycle routing - note: UK-only - is done via This bicycle journey planning website uses mathematical graph theory algorithms to quickly work out great bike routes. But it's not just nodes and networks, Bike Hub mapping benefits from local, expert 'community' knowledge. ROUTE/SPEED OPTIONSChoose ‘Quickest route' and you’ll be directed via roads (although not dual carriageways or motorways). Don’t care to mingle with motorised traffic? Choose ‘Quietest route' and the app will use OpenCycleMap to guide you along back-streets and, where available and sensible, cycle routes. The 'Balanced route' provides a good mix between the two extremes of 'Fastest route' and 'Quietest route'.The Bike Hub app avoids hills where possible.BIKE SHOP FINDERFire up the Bike Hub app to locate the nearest bike shops in a six mile radius. TOURING OR TRAININGJourney planner can suggest A to B routes of up to a maximum of 100 miles. For A to B to C routes use the 'via' function with + sign.EXTRAS* Info on the Cycle to Work scheme* Cycling and the law* Best ever quotes about cycling.SAFETYDo not pedal & navigate. Instead use a handlebar mount for your phone. If you decide to follow this app's suggested journey take extra care on any unfamiliar sections. Proceed at your own risk as routes change and quality cannot be guaranteed. Dismount when routing suggests using footways as shortcuts. Do not use when driving a car: routing is bike-specific.TECH SPECRoute finding requires access to online mapping so, to use the journey planning, the Bike Hub app requires wifi or a mobile phone signal.CROWD-SOURCED DATAApp relies on the network node coding of the Cyclestreets chaps and they, in turn, rely on the dedicated volunteers who upload fixes and new points of interest to OpenStreetMap. Please consider signing up to and using a free OSM editing app such as Mapzen POI Collector which lets you add businesses, local amenities and other places of interest to OpenStreetMap, direct from your phone. Or consider becoming part of the OSM community by adding data via your desktop with online services such as FREE?This app is free because it was funded by the Bike Hub levy. This is a voluntary levy on most of the bicycles and bits sold in UK bike shops. The Bike Hub levy is operated by the Bicycle Association of GB and the Association of Cycle Traders. is the news and features website funded by the levy scheme. The Bike Hub app was commissioned by editor Carlton Reid and produced by Tinderhouse.FEEDBACKFeedback on this app is welcome. Contact or @bikehub on Twitter. Please consider rating the app. Thanks.

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