Birthday Floating Presents


Happy Birthday!! Kids are eagerly waiting for their gifts!! Deliver the gifts by directing them to good boys and girls. Outlast deliveries, sort gifts, and detonate bombs before more kids and more gifts show up! Don’t let the bombs destroy happy boys and girls houses! The game includes:Unlimited levels of fast paced fun.Detonate all the bombs before they hit the houses and destroy the party!Tap on the airplane to gain a life and play longer.Drop gifts faster by popping balloons that carry them.Great free game for kids of all ages.Share scores, and compete with your friends online using Openfeint.Keywords:Free Game, mania, Frenzy, Birthday, girl, kids, Happy, free, game, kids, girls, girly, fun, mania, girls, mania, frenzy, fun, free games for kids. Young kids, fun, funny, tycoon, mania, frenzy, balloons,rush, doodle, virtual, virtually, free.

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