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Bits About Home Matters is considered a guide to parenting by many experts.The author did a fantastic job of describing how parenting should be done with heart-warming stories.Here is the excerpt of the book..."Not long ago a Presbyterian minister in Western New York whipped his three-year-old boy to death, for refusing to say his prayers. The little fingers were broken; the tender flesh was bruised and actually mangled; strong men wept when they looked on the body; and the reverend murderer, after having been set free on bail, was glad to return and take refuge within the walls of his prison, to escape summary punishment at the hands of an outraged community.""At the bare mention of such cruelty, every heart grew sick and faint; men and women were dumb with horror: only tears and a hot demand for instant retaliation availed."Here is what you will discover inside the book...• The Inhumanities of Parents—Corporal Punishment. • The Inhumanities of Parents—Needless Denials. • The Inhumanities of Parents—Rudeness. • Breaking the Will. • The Reign of Archelaus. • The Awkward Age. • A Day with a Courteous Mother. • Children in Nova Scotia. • The Republic of the Family. • The Ready-to-Halts. • The Descendants of Nabal. • “Boys Not Allowed.” • Half an Hour in a Railway Station. • A Genius For Affection. • Rainy Days. • Friends of the Prisoners. • A Companion for the Winter. • Choice of Colors. • The Apostle of Beauty. • English Lodging-Houses. • Wet the Clay. • The King's Friend. • Learning to Speak. • Private Tyrants. • Margin. • The Fine Art of Smiling. • Death-Bed Repentance. • The Correlation of Moral Forces. • A Simple Bill of Fare for a Christmas Dinner. • Children's Parties. • After-Supper Talk. • Hysteria In Literature. • Jog Trot. • The Joyless American. • Spiritual Teething • Glass Houses. • The Old-Clothes Monger in Journalism. • The Country Landlord's Side. • The Good Staff of Pleasure. • Wanted.—A Home.

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