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How many times did your mum told you when you go on travel:As soon as you arrived, please phone me!.But when you arrived you are looking for the hotel, some place to park the car, doing the check-in, and you always forget to phone home! And then... your mum is nervous waiting your phone call!With Arrived! this will never happen again! Just select on map where are you travelling, select the contacts that you would like to be notified, and that's it! Arrived will check your position and when you are close to the point selected an email will be automatically sent to the contacts!Can I use Arrived in other situations? Yes!, just try to use your imagination...1. How many times does somebody told you: If I knew that you were going to the supermarket I would ask you to buy XXX that I need!. This can be solved with Arrived!. Just create an alert.. and that's it, they will be notified and if they need something they will send you and email or make a phone call.2. Imagine that you are at the office but you forgot to take out the food from the freezer. Your sister has Arrived! and she has notified you that she is at home!... Just phone her and ask to take out the food!! You will have the food unfrozen when you arrived at home!With Arrived! you can create unlimited number of alerts, and you can put a personalized message.. So you can use it in any situation!Arrived! is wroten in English and Spanish.Does it spends a lot of battery? No, Arrived! will use GPS the smallest time possible and also you have an option to deactivate alerts so no GPS or internet communications will be done. In this mode no battery will be used.If you have further questions please contact us at:+34 902 051

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