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HAPS INSTRUCTORS PLEASE CONTACT US FOR REDUCED PRICING. The Blausen Anatomy & Physiology Supplement app is an award winning educational resource tool that helps students learn complex science concepts at the highest level. This rich media asset (RMA) app is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the following textbook authors: Martini, Saladin, Tortora, Marieb and Seeley-Stephens-Tate. The Blausen A&P Supplement contains approximately 1,000 3D animations that are organized in the same 29 chapter pedagogy as the textbooks; however, it can be used as an excellent (RMA) resource with ANY A&P textbook. The dynamic nature of the Blausen A&P Supplement brings each body system alive to accelerate and reinforce comprehension of skeletal muscle contraction, heart conduction, nerve impulse and many more. This app is ideal for premed, nursing, allied health and bioscience students. The Blausen A&P Supplement app was developed in part by graduates of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, The University of Illinois, and The University of Texas. It was derived from the worldís largest 3D medical animation library and is unparalleled in its depth and breadth of content. The app takes maximum advantage of the higher resolution and larger screen size of tablet devices to provide students and professors a lavish, dynamic visual environment in which to engage and learn. The Blausen A&P Supplement app contains multiple simple 3D animations with narration and illustrations to support every major concept within the 29 chapter pedagogy. Unlike other A&P apps, it does NOT replace the textbook, but instead complements it. It does NOT contain extensive text. In addition to the approximately 1,000 3D animation videos, the Blausen A&P Supplement includes: – Medical glossary with approximately 1,850 terms – Detailed illustrations derived from the animations – Multiple choice quizzes after each chapter subject – Drag and Drop labeled illustrations – Over 100 rotatable models The Blausen Anatomy & Physiology Supplement is a dynamic and engaging learning tool that has no equal. Each animation costs approximately 10,000 dollars to re-create, bringing the replacement value of this app close to 10 million dollars. Our goal is to provide students and professors with the BEST visual resource in the world. The Blausen A&P Supplement represents a new way of learning science and, hopefully, will make a difference for those seeking a higher educational level. Enjoy.

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