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This game is perfect for family and friends when in the car, waiting for your order in a restaurant or game night!Over 2000+ guess words and growing... NO DUPLICATE words during a game. EXCITING new gameplay:★ Random double point cards pop-up automatically during the game (plus 2 points if you get this one right)
 ★ BEWARE! There are Bleep Bombs that are lurking... better be a fast guesser on these or KA-BOOM!
 PLUS three game modes:★ Free Play - unlimited score means you can keep playing until you’re tired to see who wins ★ Rapid Fire - auto-timer set to :30 seconds per round ( better have a good team ) ★ High Score - you set the timer and the score to play toGOOD LUCK!
 WHAT EVERYONE IS SAYING:★ ‘It is the best word guessing game for mobile out there! The most words and absolutely no duplicates during a round! So, much fun with family and friends!’
 ★ ‘Easy, fun, family game night for the twenty-first century.’
 ★ ‘By far the best mobile party game ... gotta get this one.’★★★★★ If you like games like Taboo, Catch Phrase, Word Party, then you do not have to look any more for the best Word Guessing game on mobile. Download Bleep now!

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