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Blockout Traffic is India's first easy traffic app for the people.Use Blockout Traffic to save your time, money and fuel by getting updates on traffic jams in your area. You can be part of Blockout community by posting traffic blocks whenever you encounter one, by the tap of a button. The app shows the number of people who have posted the same block. The list of traffic block updates also gives the 'time' as to when the block was posted. The 'map view' helps a user get the traffic details through a map. The app is free and easy to use. 'Help each other by posting traffic blocks through Blockout Traffic'. Non android/smartphone users can get traffic updates by just sending an SMS.Just send #blockout to 55444. (Applicable to Airtel users only)Features:1. Shows traffic blocks/jams near your current location which will be upto 30 KM range. 2. 'I'M STUCK' button to post traffic blocks in an area. 3. Accurate location of the traffic blocks detected and displayed. 4. Time is displayed that shows as to when the blocks where posted. 5. The number of people who posted blocks is also shown. 6. The 'map view' button gives the traffic details on a map which can be easily switched between list view. 7. Detects and posts traffic blocks automatically.8. The app allows block posting without GPS, but it is recommended that GPS is on for better results.'9. Gives notification when a new block is reported in your area.Just tap a button when you are stuck in a heavy traffic road to inform others about the block. People can help each other by simply posting blocks whenever they encounter a traffic jam and also get updates from others on a block in the nearby area. Be a part of Blockout.If you have any queries or issues with the app, please contact us at or just send us a feedback using Blockout feedback button.

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