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Windows Media Player (WMP) remote Control using Bluetooth.This App Aims people having a desktop working as a media center or as storage point for music files, playlists and videos.Sitting in the sofa or enjoying the sun in the garden…you can always get access to your music or videos!It features a simple, easy to use interface, with an adjustable track time wheel control, and a single push button for play/pause/stop. (Stop activated with a long press).Volume Key buttons in your phone will be attached to your Windows WMP volume controls.When playlist files are loaded, you can move between tracks with previous and next buttons.In menu button, user may select to view current playlist track and select the track to play.Track information will be shown: current track time, total track time, track name and its index on playlist.In order to establish communication between your android phone and your computer, Blue Server software has to be downloaded and installed in your computer. Blue server is free of charge, and can be downloaded from: Server embraces a set of (currently) seven Apps available in the market. All Apps intend to give android users full control over windows OS controls and software, namely keyboard and mouse control, webbrowsing, powerpoint, media player and print screen functions. For more information on other blue server apps, please refer to blue server guide, also available for downloaded at the below mentioned web site: money buying Blue Server Utility App. This App is a all-in-one utility, containing all blue apps at a very attractive pricing

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