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This App is designed for NBL BMX racing and allows users to keep track of point totals for multiple seasons for multiple riders. There is also a Widget that acts as a motoboard showing moto and gate numbers on your homescreen.The primary use of this app is for National Bicycle Leauge BMX racing participants to be able to easily keep track of their own point totals. Each rider can have multiple seasons. For example, cruiser and 20" or a cruiser and 20" for state and nationals! A total of 4 seasons. Each season is composed of a certain number of races (for SSA it is 8 locals and 3 qualifers plus the championship) worth different points. Triple, Double, or Single point races. Additionally, each race a rider has can be used for more than one season. The point values for each race is set using point schedules. These point schedules come with the app or can be created for any sanction.The Motoboard App allows users to select the class from the point schedules for each individual race. This allows for the type of situation where an Expert races with Challengers. Point caps are automatically calculated so that the rider will not recieve more points than is allowed for their registered class. An * appears next to races that were capped.The Motoboard Widget is useful enough by itself and is how the app got started. It allows users to place a widget on their home screen that keeps track of a race throughout the day. It updates based on where you are in the motos, semis, etc... and will always tell you what you need to know about the race at a glance. What is my Moto and Gate?This app is free without adds and will probably stay that way. I have considered doing a full rewrite and would then charge <$1. I hate adds so that's out. This app was written for my family of 6 racers and I decided to publish it for others. Please consider that I do not monitor things and errors may occur. I will check for error reports and try to make changes for things that I can quickly see the issue.Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or problems.Thanks!

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