BN Pro BlueICS-b HD Text


This is a HD (higher-density) add-on package for Battery Notifier Pro BT 1.5.1 or higher. Battery Notifier Pro BT 1.5.1 or higher to run.)INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:After downloading the add-on from Google Play, press "Open" at Google Play to install.Six fonts are included: Roboto, RobotoXL, Play, LcdD, MingLiU and ArialXL.HD add-ons have 50% higher resolution than our previous fonts. For users with high density screens (70% of all users). Users with medium or low density screens may not see an improvement over our standard icons, but may want the BlueICS color, or one of the regular or XL fonts included.These "b" for "brighter" HD icons were created in response to requests from Android 3.x/4.x users with dimmed status bar notifications. They are for users who desire the brightest possible color in their status bars, while still keeping close to the official Android BlueICS color. Users with Android 2.3.x may find these icons too bright, and may prefer the official BlueICS color add-on.(Users with white status bars may find this color blue hard to see.)NOTE: These icons display battery level in a brighter BlueICS color from 100 to 0 and can not be used with the custom blue, orange and red text color level options in Battery Notifier Pro BT.NOTE: In Android 3.x/4.x and above, there is "automatic shrinking and dimming" for status bar notifications. For more information, see Android 3.x/4.x users who wish to have the brightest colors possible on their dimmed status bars, look for our HD add-ons with

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