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BoBoiBoy Videos—————————–The Series shows about a little but strong and powerfulMalaysian Boy who can control three elements Earth,Lightning and Wind and can seperate himself into threehaving each power and together with his friends Gopal, Yayaand Ying to defeat aliens for invading earth and stealingCocoas.NOTE: This is an unofficial app and is not endorsed byAnimonsta Studios Sdn. Bhd.This app is an easy way to watch BoBoiBoy videos fromYouTube. Simply select the channel required and you will bepresented with a list of the available video clips. Click onthe video you want to watch and enjoy the video.This app is just an easy way to watch BoBoiBoy videos.———————————————————-1. The Mp3s & Videos are Meant for Promotional Purposes Only and Their Sole Copyright Rests With Their Respective Audio Music Company !2. Buy Original CDs & DVDs to Support Your Favorite Artists !

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