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Bomb The Zombies

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# Top 10 Games in Appstore# : "...As you progress, there are other elements that make it very interesting. For example, you are sometimes given a box of dynamite (much like Angry Birds), but it’s up to you to place it where you think it’s best. Another interesting element is that there can also be another character that you cannot kill...."# : "...Dabei ist die Grafik gelungen und nach uns nach gibt es natürlich weitere Hindernisse und Hürden, die das Spiel nicht gerade einfacher machen. Ein Download lohnt sich, die aktuelle Bewertung liegt im Moment bei 4,6 Sternen..."The perfect game to attract Zombie Lovers:-) Ideal for short breaks at work, in school, on the bus or train or wherever you feel like distracting yourself for a moment. Tons of exciting and challenging levels which will get your grey cells pumping. Use strategy and precise aim to destroy the Zombies’ buildings and save the innocent girls. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to find the most effective way to destroy the buildings with as few hits as possible without hurting the hostages to receive the highest possible score. Compare your scores online with your friends and others and become the champion. Features: - Easy to learn, addictive game play. - Tap & Toss, toss the bomb to exactly where you want it to hit just by sliding your finger over the screen - 90 levels in 6 stages full of challenging obstacles and tricky gameplay. More to come soon! - Life-like physics, use strategy to destroy Zombies’ buildings - Varieties of tools of destruction - A Global High Score System – online all over the world

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