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This is an application from Bonrix Software Systems to provides almost near real time quotes of BSE/NSE stocks and world indexes, having very simple and user friendly interface.Bonrix Stock Watcher acts a very light weight ticker, and provides different stock details i.e. High, Low, Volume, Previous Close, Open for a specif Update Time.Application can get multiple data sources i.e. Yahoo Finance, Google Finance.MarketWatch gives changing orientation facility to Sorting data like Ltp, Change, Open, Close.There is further Trading game for online trading and trade training purpose. on the basis of live rates you may able to do virtual trading maintening strict eyes on margins, risk and Profit and Loss.This Trading game is G-Sensor enable. it uses accelerormeters event to use different trading action like Buy, Sell , Buy 2X, Sell 2X, Square Off. Thus this application for trading has Orientation awareness. following is the list of orientaning and how it maps to trading eventeg.1. Rotate Left means Buy Action2. Rotate Right means Sell Action3. Rotate Upward means add quantity counter action4. Rotate downwards means subtract quantity counter action5. Rotate Left bottom corner downward with Right top corner upwards means Buy 2X Action6. Rotate right bottom corner downward with left top corner upwards means Sell 2X Action7. Keeping device in same plan and moving upward and downward mean Sqaure Off ActionExchange Support : All leading exchange which are supported by Google Finance and Yahoo Finance.Example:NSE - National Stock Exchange, BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange, Nifty, Sensex, Other leading exchnage of world:1- New York Stock Exchange - NYSE2- Tokyo Stock Exchange3- NASDAQ4- London Stock Exchange5- Euronext6- Toronto Stock Exchange7- Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse)8- Madrid Stock Exchange (BME Spanish Exchanges)9- Hong Kong Stock Exchange10- SWX Swiss Exchange Nasdaq, NYSE, OTCBB , ASX , TSX , TSX Venture , HKEx , BSE , NSE , KRX , LSE

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