BookLive! for Toshiba


???Android?????????????????BookLive! for Toshiba???????????????????BookLive! for Toshiba??????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5???????????????????????????????????????LIAR GAME??????JIN???????????????ROOKIES??????NANA??????????????????????????????????????GIANT KILLING???????????????? ??????????????????????????????????TL??????????BL ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????anego????????????????????4TEEN?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????SPA!?Flash???????????????????????????????????????????????OZ plus?ESSE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Android 2.1 update1????????????????????????????????????????????????????????BookLive! Reader?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????BookLive! for Toshiba????????????????????????????????? ?????????10????6??????GW????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Such as Toshiba Android tablet, it is the app for you if you use e-book store "BookLive! For Toshiba". You can browse e-books you have purchased in the "BookLive! For Toshiba".? e-book that you have purchased, as well as the terminal, smartphones and tablets, and any other computer to your property, you can read up to 5 terminal according to usage scenarios. (I except for some work)? rich title after another addedLIAR GAME, delivered to you, JIN-Jin – star, Captain Tsubasa (paperback edition), giant, Chihaya Furu, giant advance – Exorcist (paperback edition), of blue, ROOKIES (paperback edition), NANA-Nana , no good drops Moteki, GIANT KILLING, space brothers, of God, Ikki, Ashita no Joe, K, of Island farming,, Harlequin … other!Enrich TL (Teens Love), BL also (Yaoi)!Cicada Castle Bow Princess Toyotomi of (Manjome University), (Wada dragon), Satan (Kotaro Isaka), the eighth day (Mitsuyo Kakuta), villain (Shuichi Yoshida), Water Margin (northern Kenzo), Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Eiji Yoshikawa seven days of Tsubakiyama manager (Asada Jiro,)), child of earth (Yamazaki Toyoko), In The Pool (Okuda Hideo), anego (Mariko Hayashi), functional novelist (Takahashi Genichiro), 4TEEN (Ira Ishida) , Bushido Seventeen (Honda Tetsuya), Adult Education (Murayama Yuka), I do not play dice (Eiji Oishi), now, Be With You God (Takuji Ichikawa) … other!Harlequin and (light novel) Ranobe is enriched and "recollection to certain Airship fighters" Gagaga librarySteve Jobs biography, the power to tell (Akira Ikegami), why I threw away a two-channel (Hiroyuki), Drucker book, Takafumi Horie (Horiemon), Kenichiro Mogi, such as Katsuma Kazuyo, books of the topic to help a fresh one after another !Smartphone SPA!, Flash, Weekly Asahi, aera, Newsweek, Weekly Toyo Keizai, Asahi entertainment, Nikkei Trendy, Nikkei Business, OZ plus, ESSE, par golf, martial arts, such as gong, a variety of magazines. There is also a subscription deals.? Operating Environment2.1 update1 over Android? Notes on use

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