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This app delivers positive messages in an unobtrusive way: Just as live wallpaper. You will percept them subliminally or consciously and the messages will start to have effect on a long term perspective. You even don’t have to believe in what you see / read, if you are in a bad mood. The app will contribute to a more positive mindset on the long run. It can’t change your life from one day to the other, but it will support you to control your thoughts, clean them from negative ones and focus on the good things in life. And we all know: Positive thinking, faith and self-esteem is the key for success, health and good feelings / positive energy, or "good vibes". If you want more psychological background and a proof that this app can affect your emotions and beliefs, then you can Google for "subliminal stimuli" for instance. Or google for the "flow" concept of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. You will begin to understand how doctrines are developed and how you can influence them and make sure that only those doctrines can manifest that are good for you.

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