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This is the ultimate app that relax your body and recharges your energy. It combines the power of chromotherapy with meditation providing you with powerful mantras taught by the venerable master Samael and a yantra that allows you to focus and get in touch with the inner you and absorbing a revitalizing energy pattern. You start by purifying your aura with a special “scanner” that emits a transcendental vibration that cleans your aura, allows the gradual purification of material bodies and restores consciousness in its original state. It produces the sound “Om” the sound of the universe, and simultaneously bombards your body with vibrating and beneficial colors with the Om amulet.Concepts used by the App“Aura” Is an energy field that surrounds our physical body and gives us all emotional readings of our physical body. Its shape and color reflects the physical state, mental and emotional of the person.'Mantra', which means, the thought that liberates and protects is a combination of sacred syllables, which generates spiritual energy.Each chant can be represented physically through its corresponding amulet. Reciting a chant in combination with the appropriate amulets can bring more powerful results.“Yantra” literally means "support" and "instrument". It is a geometric design that acts as an excellent tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Carries with it, great spiritual meaning that belong to higher levels of consciousness. The Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the absolute.Every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. You should practice at least 15 minutes every day, the experience is indescribable“Chromotherapy” or color therapy is the use of vibrant colors to produce harmonization and physical well-being, mental and emotional.The vibration of the color can be absorbed through food, liquids, sunlight, artificial light, meditation, visualization, clothing, environments, sounds and crystals.Besides acting on the physical, the colors act on the subtle bodies (mental, emotional and etheric) through the chakras and aura.

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