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==============================================We apologize for letting this app die we became very busy with other works, however, starting today (November 7th) we have began to work on this project again. We plan to update soon and will be working on the following: support for Galaxy Nexus JB, and Samsung Galaxy S3 support. If you would like to suggest other points to work on follow us at @init2winitapps on twitter and mention us to contact us. ==============================================Now supports UNLIMITED slots! and much more see the changelog permissions are for syncing sms and phone logs across ROMs!Read all of this and check if your device is supported!Boot Manager is Android’s first multi-boot application. It allows you to install boot ROMs from your sdcard and boot between then with just a reboot. The application acts as your recovery for your sdcard slots. Install your kernels, themes, and ROMs all through the app and use your normal recovery for your phone ROM only.IF YOU HAVE UPDATED SUPERUSER APK YOU NEED TO DISABLE LOGGING IN THE SUPERUSER APP. IT IS A BUG IN SUPERUSER AND WILL CAUSE ISSUES WITH BOOTMANAGERManual to the app at Read the Manual :)If you have questions stop by the forumhttp://forum.init2winitapps.comREQUIRESROOTS-OFF for HTC devices or unlocked bootloader for others(This doesn’t apply to 2nd Init devices)Current Supported DevicesSamsung Galaxy NexusHTC DesireHTC Desire HDHtc Desire SHTC Desire ZHtc Evo 3DHTC EVO 4GHTC G2(aka Vision)HTC Incredible 1Htc Incredible 2Htc Incredible SHTC Inspire4gHTC MyTouch 4GHTC Nexus OneHtc SensationHTC ThunderboltHTC RezoundMotorola Droid 1Motorola Droid 2Motorola Droid 2 GlobalMotorola Droid XMotorola RazrBootManager will not work with Samsung devices that are not listed because of the way Samsung handles the boot partition. Motorola phone’s with a locked bootloader will also not currently work. Check compatible phones above.We stand 100% behind our apps and will refund anyone who has issues no questions asked.BEFORE LEAVING ONE STAR EMAIL US AT SUPPORT@INIT2WINITAPPS.COMIF YOUR HAVING ISSUES EMAIL US BEFORE RATING WE CAN’T REPLY TO COMMENTS!tags: init 2 winit, init2winit, init2winitapps, boot manager, rom manager, android, droid, root, multi, dual, boot, bootmanager, rom, manage, dualboot, multiboot

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