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by On April 11, 2012
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Random numbers and color and geometry generator.Brain creativity, training, intelligence enhancement and stimulation of concentration, watching a matematically perfect combination of numbers and colors.*PRO EDITION: Enhance logics too with use of random geometrics, and speed increasing timing aligned to 5ms, for a slow progression and better analysis.A razor sharp precision algorithm that gives absolutely random numbers and colors (and geometry, in PRO edition) in an a sequence into a squared area divided by 12/4, increasing speed with a ratio of 1000ms/10 + 10 x minute. (+5 in the PRO edition)There are reports about some numbers and color sequences, that watched few minutes every day, may increase I.Q. level and personal artistic creativity, increasing concentration due to an intense stimulation on neurotransmitters of brain.(if you need reference, seek on internet with keys: psychology of colors, psychology of numbers, logic of geometry)If you feel occasionally disturbed by the numbers and color sequences (just like happening when watching tv videos with too many graphic information) or feel some sort of dizziness, just quit the application and do not use it.*Even if sequences are not graphically aggressive like strobo lights, people with EPILEPSY should not use this program. This program is provided "as is" without any warranty as software general EULA. You can try the free edition, to test the program: put "Brain Stimulator" on the market.

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