BrainSense (Free)


Ultimate Brain Training Application!Test and train your brain sense by using various test games.< Memory Game >Touch the new image in each level quickly.Level is provided to 30.Register your level and elapsed time to the ranking systemand compare it with those of other people in the world.If you reach the 30 level, you may be a man who can memory every scene like photos.< Concentration Game >Record every 5 seconds by watching the stopwatch.12 records are proceeding.Register your average error to the ranking system to compete with other users.Make the error by less than 0.00001sec with extreme concentration.Then you may develop the unknown brain sense.< Judgment Game >Choose the same icon as a series of icons appeared on the screen in order.As time goes on, the displayed icons move faster.Register your record time until your wrong choice to the ranking system and compete with other users.If you last more than 100 seconds, you can make a perfect judgment in any situations like these – you drop a plate, a baseball flies into your face, a car dashes into you at a terrific speed, or a large swarm of Zerg attack you !!

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