Brick Bow


Hello Adventurer,Are you prepared for a fast paced puzzle shooter? Fire bricks to match 3 or more of the same and drop bricks to create crazy combos but be fast or the bricks may crush you. Collect amazing power ups, coins, hearts and diamonds all while doing battle with enemy moles.So are you feeling brave enough to save the princess and do battle with the Monster Tree? Well are you??Features:- New Brick Shooting Puzzle Mechanics- Crazy powerups. Match 4 to create a Bomb, 5 to create a Lightning Bolt, or 6 to unleash the Hammer- Retro themed world with chiptunes music – Create Combos by chaining falling bricks together – Simple yet addictive game gameplay- 5 levels to explore. – Huge Tree Boss Battle. – 2 Bonus Modes. Brick A Mole and Coin Wave! – Endless mode to see how long you can last and score you can get!

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