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BrightOnCall is the app which increases the screen brightness when a call is incomingDo you usually set your screen brightness to the minimum level to save battery so that it becomes hard for you to see the caller’s name? BrightOnCall solves your problem: while incoming call, it will change the bright level to maximum automatically.BrightOnCall Pro is the full version of this app. If you have tested BrightOnCall Lite and it has been useful for you, Pro version brings all these improvements:- You won’t need to reset the counter after 8 calls- Select the brightness level of your choice for incoming calls- When the call is finished, you can get back the brightness level set previously- Hide the status bar icon if you want to- You can choose not changing the brightness when the phone is being used- No ads*** Warning: it is very important to have checked that Lite version works properly on your phone before buying Pro versión because if Lite version doesn´t work, Pro won’t either. *** *** If you are going to install Pro versión, uninstall Lite versión first ****** Please, don’t move this app to SD card because it will work in a wrong way ***Keywords: Bright, brightness, brightest, battery saving, torch, flashlight, brillo, aumentar brillo, linterna, batería, ahorrar batería, bateria, encender pantalla

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