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Brixter is an original approach to the blocks puzzle genre.Brixter offers an original approach to the classic blocks-style puzzle genre. This game is a compelling brain puzzle that stimulates thought and challenges your coordination skills. ? Block by Colorful Block ? When you start playing Brixter, you’re given an assembly grid. In this grid, you’ll assemble groups of blocks with the same color in tile-puzzle fashion. Once you’ve grouped three or more blocks, and at least one of them touches the top boundary of the grid, a new shape is activated. You’re not completely at the mercy of circumstance as you play, either. You can create your own shape and send it up to complete full rows as they accumulate on the upper area of the screen. After a short learning curve, you’ll master the game functions and enjoy cruising through the levels. But don’t worry, you’ll definitely be challenged as the game progresses. And you can always set the difficulty level to match your skills (you’ll find this in the options menu). ? No Colors, No Problem ? If you happen to be color blind, you can still enjoy this game! It’s easy to enable Color Blind mode if you have trouble distinguishing between the blocks’ colors. ? Need Some Firepower? ? We’ve added a store! You can spend the coins you earn by completing rows to purchase missiles and bombs to help you in the more challenging stages of the game. You can also upgrade your traits in the store, these will enhance your abilities and help you progress even further in the game. Another new feature is the time freeze ability. You can now freeze the board progress for a few seconds every time your ice timer is charged. You can upgrade this ability in the store as well. This is the FREE version of Brixter which includes 20 levels that will keep you busy for a while 🙂 If you completed this game you are invited to buy the full version.keywords:brain,puzzle,game,block, challenge, tablet, tetris

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