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Dear Learner, Welcome to Finger Spelling British Sign Language. This App contains fingerspelling tests to help improve your receptive fingerspelling. It is designed for level two students but suitable for level one improvers and level three beginners. Each test has twenty words or phrases. The tests don’t show the face so you won’t be able to lip read and thus improve more rapidly. Pause after each word and write it down then check against the answers at the end.When you have finished doing the fingerspelling on this app, why not move on to BSL fingerspelling part b, c, d. These are designed to get progressively harder by spelling a little faster, using names that aren’t so familiar, by having tests of random words, and finally by step D, having some short sentences/proverbial sayings included – with no face showing and thus lip pattern, you have to recognise where one word ends and another begins, to work out the fingerspelling – quite a challenge!The actual DVDs for sale contain 70 tests of 20 words or phrases (aka BSL fingerspelling parts a, b, c and d) and are available at This application contains high quality videos. To ensure proper viewing of the videos, please make sure your firmware is up to date and your phone is capable of running MP4 media with the correct codecs (H:264). Please note the list of devices where this application will work:AcerA100(vangogh)Acer E320(C6)E310(C4R)Picasso(ventana)Picasso(picasso)S300(a5)ArchosARCHOS 101G9(A101)ARCHOS 80G9(A80)Archos 101 Internet Tablet(A101S)AsusEee Pad(EeePad)Slider SL101(SL101)Transformer TF101(TF101)Transformer TF101G(TF101G)CasioCasio G’zOneCommando(C771)DellDell Streak 10Pro(Streak10Pro)Dell Streak 7(streak7)FoxconnCommtiva-HD710(hd710)ViewSonic-ViewPad4(viewpad4)Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications LimitedF-12C(f11eif) IS11T(TSI11)HTCDesire S(saga)Droid Incredible(inc)EVO 3D(shooter)Evo 4G(supersonic)Sensation 4G(pyramid)Wildfire S(marvel)Huawei007HW(hwu8850)C8650(hwc8650)M865(hwm865)S42HW(hwS42HW)U8510(hwu8510)U8650(hwu8650)KT TechKM-S120(s120)KM-S200(s200)KM-S220(s220)KYOCERA corporationC5120(C5120) M9300(M9300)LGOptimus 2X(p999)Optimus 2X(p990)Optimus One(thunderc)Optimus One(thunderg)Optimus Pad(v905r)Swift(swift)LGEL-07C(L-07C)LGKU3700(thunder_kor-08)LGLU6500(bssq_450-06)LG-SU660(star_450-05)LG-SU880(x2_450-05)LG-VS700(VS700)Lenovo MobileA1_07(A1_07)A68e(msm7627_surf)K1(K1)Lenovo A60(lenovo73_cu)ThinkPad Tablet(Indigo)ThinkPad Tablet(18382AU)MotorolaAtrix(olympus)CLIQ(morrison)Defy(jordan)Defy(umts_jordan)Droid X2(daytona)MB855(sunfire)NECIS11CA(IS11CA)MEDIAS N-04C(N-04C)MEDIAS N-06C(N-06C)Panasonic Mobile CommunicationsP-07C(pana1) P-07C(laputa)PantechADR8995(ADR8995)EIS01PT(mirachj)IM-A760S(ef33s)IM-A770K(ef34k)IM-A780L(ef35l)IM-T100K(at1)Philips ElectronicsSA3CNT(Philips_GGC3)Quanta CorporationOP110(OP110)SEMCExperia Acro(IS11S)Xperia Arc(LT15i)Xperia Arc(SO-01C)Xperia Play(R800i)Xperia X10(X10i)Xperia X10 Mini Pro(U20i)SK TelesysSK-S150(msm8255_k5) SK-S170(K4)SamsungGalaxy S(SHW-M110S)Galaxy S2(SHW-M250S)Galaxy S2(GT-I9100)Galaxy S2(SHW-M250K)Galaxy S2(SHW-M250L)Galaxy S2(SC-02C)SharpAquos(SBM006SH)INFOBAR A01(SHX11)IS11SH(SHI11)IS12SH(SHI12)SBM009SH(SBM009SH)SH-13C(SH13C)SonySony Tablet S(nbx03)Sony EricssonR800at(R800at)R800x(R800x)SO-02C(SO-02C)SO-03C(SO-03C)ToshibaAT100(tostab03)Vizio, Inc.VTAB1008(VTAB1008)ZTE008Z(bladeplus)Blade(blade)T3(skate)ZTE T60(turies)ZTE-C N760(roamer)myPad P2(v9)

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