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*** Looking to control of your LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot using BT Bot Control? Would like to hear if there is any interest in this? Please use the Email Developer link in Play or the contact form in BT Bot Control. ***Robot remote control & IP Cam viewer via WiFi and Bluetooth. BT Bot Control allows you to control your robot over Bluetooth via joystick or orientation sensor, and optionally seeing what it sees via an IP camera. You can also use an app (i.e. IP Webcam) to convert a spare Android phone to an IPCam. :: Configurable camera URLs:: 2 Joystick Modes: Default or Simple Mode (details below):: Can use orientation sensor to control the joystick.:: Supports up to 8 additional commands via Command Buttons. :: Configurable Bluetooth connections and packet interval.:: Supports any micro controller that can read Bluetooth data.:: Sample Arduino Sketches provided (below link).:: Screen automatically re-sizes for smaller phones.Technical Stuff:There are two joystick modes: default joystick mode and simple joystick mode. The default joystick has a ball that you drag, and the simple joystick has arrows that you tap.:: Default Joystick Mode:When you move the ball around, coordinates are generated as X+/- and Y +/- and can be used to interpret both velocity and direction. These are packaged and sent in the following format: sX=val,Y=vale i.e. sX=75,Y=55e where 's' indicates the start and 'e' indicates the end. In this mode, when you press a Command Button, values are sent in the following format: sC=[val]e (i.e. For Command #2 sC=2e is sent) where 's' indicates the start, 'C' indicates it is a command button, '2' is the value that you want to parse and 'e' indicates the end. These values can be parsed to have your robot move and perform additional tasks. (sample Arduino code provided at link below):: Simple Joystick Mode:In Simple mode, you tap the arrows which generate single character values depending on the arrow you tapped (i.e. the top arrow sends U). Values generated are: U (up), D (down), L (left), R (right). Tapping the center of the joystick sends an S value (stop). Tapping any of the command value sends the respective command number. i.e. tapping Command Button 3, sends 3. In this mode, your micro-controller code can be simplified as need only parse single character values.In this mode, when you press a Command Button, values are sent as single characters in the value of the Command Button. i.e. If you press Command Button 3, the value 3 is sent. (sample Arduino code provided at link below):: Other Stuff:Note on this version: This version has all the features of the Pro version. However, Bluetooth data will be sent as '9's. i.e. 'sX=9,Y=9e' and 'sC=9e' (or 9's in Simple Joystick mode) which will provide you with enough to determine if this app is right for you. If you like BT Bot Control, the Pro version has full functionality enabled with proper data, and can be yours for less than the cost of a coffee. Also, you won't be pestered by that start-up message either! I hope you agree that the features and functionality provided are well worth the pocket change. :) Check out my Pro version. Please also don't forget to rate this app. It would be much appreciated.Note: Orientation sensor joystick mode may not work on all devices. Screen re-sizing may have issues on very small phones.There are many affordable Bluetooth modules available on various auction and overseas sites. Details can be found at the below URL. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, I would like to hear them. If you like BTBotControl, please rate it. More information, sample Arduino code etc.

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