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Can't find your phone and its on Vibrate? BuddyYell can!Can't call your teenager because their phone is on Vibrate? BuddyYell can!Need a ride and want to tell someone where you are? BuddyYell can send your location!Want someone to be able to locate you in an emergency? BuddyYell can help.BuddyYell is a program that allows you to choose who can send text messages to your phone to turn up the volumes or turn on the GPS. You have complete control to allow; "Anyone," "Only Buddies," "Only Selected Buddies," or "No One" to "Yell" to you. The text message "BuddyYell Yell" will turn up your volumes and sound an alert. You can then call the phone and it will ring loudly.Same with the locate command. Send a text to any phone with BuddyYell and depending if your on the list, you can locate the phone. Broken down on the side of the highway and not sure exactly where you are, had to much to drink and need a ride, at a friends house and not sure of the address, for any of these senerios, you can simply use BuddyYell to send your location to family or friends. They can use the received text message to get directions to your location using Google Maps.I've used this program with my teenagers many times. Lost phones in the couch, at a friends house, "did I leave the phone at home or school?" Now you can use BuddyYell to locate the phone so you know where it is.Think someone took your phone? You can send a text to turn up the volume and then locate the phone.Even if you turn all of the options off, you can use your own password to make the volumes turn up and send back the location, but only if you know the password. You can even send the password text from any phone!The location is only as accurate as the GPS on the phone, which seems to be different for different models. I've tested the program on six different model phones with different GPS results, but awesome Yell results. Hopefully you will love and use the program often. I've really enjoyed creating it, but if I've missed anything, please email me at: BuddyYell@gmail.com and I'll make sure to fix it.

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